The Do’s and Don’ts to Make The Most of 2020

This year has been a series of unfortunate events. In saying that though, it has still been OUR year.

2020 has been our year to grow.

2020 has been our year to learn.

2020 has been our year to adapt.

2020 has been our year to love and show compassion.

2020 has been our year to reflect.

We’ve all been tested beyond belief and guess what? You’re still here trying to live life as normally (and safely) as possible and I think that makes you one of the strongest people on this planet!

I know throughout this trying year we’ve been bombarded with people encouraging us to see the positives, to continue reaching for our goals and how if we don’t leave isolation having learnt new skills then you’re not making the most of the situation but I politely disagree to a certain extent.

At the start of the year I chose wellness as the theme and it’s been a pretty accurate description of where I’ve put my focus (though rather unintentionally). I think this year has been the year to focus on our wellness.


  • Don’t let what everyone else is doing, negatively impact what you think you should be doing (only you know what you want to do and what you think you can mentally and emotionally handle)
  • Don’t spend too much time on social media and listening to the news (stay up to date on current affairs but don’t be constantly tuned in)
  • Don’t stay silent if you’re struggling physically, mentally or emotionally (talk to friends, family and/or a psychologist)


  • Do take up happiness habits that nurture your mind, body and soul whatever that looks like for you (ie: it could be meditation, walking in nature, bubble baths, lighting candles EVERYWHERE (you knew this one was coming) or taking free online courses)
  • Do things you’ve put off doing or never had time for before (ie: it could be taking that 30 minute bubble bath or making that meal that takes 3 hours to cook)
  • Do find things that take your mind off the negative (ie: it could be movies, reading or playing video/board games)

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know just how positive and happy I am and as you’ve probably noticed, this blog has been an isolation passion project. Although I’m getting productive and proactive, it doesn’t mean you have to as well.

At the core of everything I’ve been doing this year is my theme of wellness. I’ve been adapting my morning routine, working out from home with special programs, I’ve got into meditation, I’ve done a heap of online learning, I’ve been exploring ways to best get to know my body with a dietitian (and hopefully with a naturopath in the near future),

I’ve focused on becoming a better me by living a life of happiness and fulfilment rather than becoming the most accomplished me by giving myself all of these physical projects to leave isolation having achieved.

Perhaps I would have done all of these things even if there was no pandemic, but perhaps not.

If you leave isolation having focused on your wellness instead of achieving all of your goals, then you didn’t just survive, you thrived!

Me (AKA Tara Thomassen)

If you enjoyed this post, let me know! If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to contact me via email or join me on Instagram as I show more of the behind the scenes of how I’m striving for life success/happiness everyday. Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you’re notified of new posts as they go live each week.  

I love you 3000!

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