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Hello, I’m Tara! I started ‘That Fulfilling Life’ to inspire people to prioritise their happiness, and step into the best version of themselves by creating healthier habits, becoming a force of positivity and taking control of their life! I share my thoughts and lessons to discover and design a life of good vibes, good people and good thoughts.

This is my story…

Three and a half years ago I graduated from Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production and a passion for working in the film industry. I’d spent four and a half years at university to work in an industry I’d been in love with since the first time I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ in 2010. Fast forward to a year and a half ago and I was a frustrated, jaded and unhappy aspiring filmmaker. I’d had a handful of jobs that had plenty of potential to go somewhere and I had the drive and the passion, but for some reason nothing was working out in my favour. I felt disappointed in myself; I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I compared myself to my fellow graduates and I felt like I had failed miserably in comparison. I grew angry and bitter and by the end of 2018, I made the decision to quit pursuing a job in the film industry out of resentment.

I felt like by society’s standards I was an unsuccessful human.

Since my first job nine years ago I’ve been through seven retail jobs, two promising film industry gigs, countless other free film industry stints, four interviews for film industry jobs and many rejection emails from production companies. Between the ages of 16 and 24 years of age I struggled financially; always having to spend the money I had just saved up in order to survive in between jobs. Sound familiar? I was forever thinking “this can’t be what it’s like working in the “real” world?”. Throughout my working life and especially after I left the film industry I felt like I was ALWAYS ‘living to work’ (and survive) instead of ‘working to live’. I felt like by society’s standards I was an unsuccessful human. After all, working in retail is hardly a “successful career”, right?

There are other things more important than having a stereotypical “career”.

For the last year and a half I have dived into the art of fulfilment. Through self development, self discovery and self awareness, I’ve come to realise that your job DOES NOT define your success. There are other things more important than having a stereotypical career. What about life success? Happiness? Finding a purpose?

What became more important than pursuing what I thought was my dream, was the financial stability I had NEVER had. Now I work what most would call a ‘boring’ 9-5 office job. But I LOVE my colleagues, I enjoy the work I do and for the first time ever, I have financial stability. I look back at my unfortunate experience in the film industry with fondness, and remind myself of these words from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book ‘Super Attractor’, “…rejection is protection.” Turns out the film industry would have never worked for me and the lifestyle I wanted to create for myself!

So after reading all of this (and if you’re still here, GREAT! I adore you for that), you may now be wondering ‘…why are you here then Tara?’. And to that I say, ‘…because I have stories, thoughts, lessons and inspiration that I just can’t keep to myself anymore!”. Are you ready to lead a life of fulfilment?! If you shouted “YES!” then please join the TFL community across my platforms, stay tuned and come back for more of Tara’s tangents.

I love you 3000!

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